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The core has a built in comments feature.

To use this take the following steps. In this example we create comments for contacts.

  1. Create a link table between comments and your item.

For example:

CREATE TABLE `contacts_comment` (
  `commentId` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `contactId` int(11) NOT NULL
) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4 COLLATE=utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

ALTER TABLE `contacts_comment`
  ADD PRIMARY KEY (`commentId`),
  ADD KEY `contactId` (`contactId`);

ALTER TABLE `contacts_comment`
  ADD CONSTRAINT `contacts_comment_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`commentId`) REFERENCES `comments_comment` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE,
  ADD CONSTRAINT `contacts_comment_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`contactId`) REFERENCES `contacts_contact` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE;

Don't forget to put the SQL in an install patch file.

  1. Generate a record and a controller for it:
cd GO/Modules/GroupOffice/Contacts
php ../../../../bin/groupoffice devtools/module/init --tablePrefix=contacts
  1. Alter the generated record /GO/Modules/GroupOffice/Contacts/Model/Comment.php:

Please note that the commentId is not defined because it's required and already defined in the abstract core comment record.


namespace GO\Modules\GroupOffice\Contacts\Model;

use GO\Core\Comments\Model\Comment as CoreComment;
use IFW\Auth\Permissions\ViaRelation;

 * @property Contact $contact The contact this comment belongs to
class Comment extends CoreComment {

     * @var int 
    public $contactId;

    protected static function defineRelations() {

        self::hasOne('contact', Contact::class, ['contactId' => 'id']);

     * Permissions via contact
     * @return \GO\Modules\GroupOffice\Contacts\Model\ViaRelation
    protected static function internalGetPermissions() {
        return new ViaRelation('contact');

  1. Modify the actionCreate in the generated controller in GO/Modules/GroupOffice/Contacts/Controller/CommentController.php. It needs to set contactId from the route parameters:
public function actionCreate($contactId, $returnProperties = "") {

    $comment = new Comment();
    $comment->contactId = $contactId;

    $this->renderModel($comment, $returnProperties);
  1. Create routes for the controller in the "defineWebRoutes" method inside /GO/Modules/GroupOffice/Contacts/Module.php:
                        ->crud('contacts/:contactId/comments', 'commentId');
  1. Now the API for contact comments should work. Try it with postman.

  2. Client side:

Inside the contacts view (app/modules/groupoffice/contacts/views/contact.html) add:

Inside the element:

<md-tab ng-click="goto('comments')"><md-tab-label>{{::"Comments" | goT}}</md-tab-label></md-tab>        

Inside the element:

<md-card  id="comments">
        <div class="md-toolbar-tools">

        <go-comments ng-if="" go-route="contacts/{{}}/comments"></go-comments>
  1. Now try it!