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To implement tailor made customizations GroupOffice has an events system. You can attach listeners to events to execute extra code.

Attached listeners are persistent. If you attach a listener it's cached and always executed.

In this example we're going to set a debug line on every contact save.

You can put this code in any class but it's recommended to put it in a module manager class:

public static function defineEvents() {        

    \GO\Modules\Contacts\Model\Contact::on(\GO\Modules\Contacts\Model\Contact::EVENT_AFTER_SAVE, static::class, 'onContactSave');

public static function onContactSave($contact, $success, $isNew, $modifiedAttributes) {
    \IFW::app()->debug("Contact with ID ".$contact->id." was modified: ".var_export($modifiedAttributes, true));

Now modify a contact (Make sure debugging is enabled with CTRL+F7 in the web client) and notice the debug message.