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In the server tutorial we've also added a custom field. The webclient API has some directives to use those customfields.

Band view

edit the band view in 'ux/tutorial/modules/bands/views/band.html' and add right before '':

<go-custom-fields-detail ng-model="band.customfields" server-model="UX\Modules\Bands\Model\BandCustomFields"></go-custom-fields-detail>

Now reload the client and it should show the value.

Band edit dialog

A similar directive is available for the edit dialog.

Edit the view 'ux/tutorial/modules/bands/views/band-edit.html' and add right before '':

<go-custom-fields-edit form-controller="bandForm" ng-model="model.customfields" server-model="UX\Modules\Bands\Model\BandCustomFields"></go-custom-fields-edit>            

NOw reload the client and try the edit dialog.