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Modules often require settings pages. The core implements a settings page which can be extended by the modules. It also has an accounts page which can be extended as well. Think of E-mail, Twitter and CalDAV accounts for example.

To add a settings page you can use the 'addSettingsOption' function of the client module.

Edit 'ux/tutorial/modules/bands/module.js':

'use strict';

//Use GO.module instead of angular.module so it will be added to the app dependencies
GO.module('GO.Modules.Tutorial.Bands', ['GO.Core'])
        function (ClientModulesProvider) {

            var module = ClientModulesProvider.add('bands', ['UX\\Modules\\Bands\\Module']);
            module.addSettingsOption('settings.bands', 'Bands', 'mdi-music-note');

        function ($stateProvider) {
                            .state('bands', {
                                url: "/bands",
                                templateUrl: 'ux/tutorial/modules/bands/views/main.html',
                                controller: 'GO.Modules.Tutorial.Bands.Controller.Main',
                                data: {
                                    noAuth: false //optional, set to true to disable authentication. It defaults to false.
                            .state('', {
                                url: "/{bandId:[0-9]*}",
                                templateUrl: 'ux/tutorial/modules/bands/views/band.html',
                                controller: 'GO.Modules.Tutorial.Bands.Controller.Band'
                            .state('settings.bands', {
                                url: "/bands",
                                templateUrl: 'ux/tutorial/modules/bands/views/settings/form.html'

We've added a settings option that will route to the "settings.bands" state and we've added a new state 'settings.bands'.

Now create the actual settings page 'ux/tutorial/modules/bands/views/settings/form.html':

<form layout="column" name="bandForm" go-submit="save()" novalidate>

    <md-toolbar class="md-hue-1">
        <div class="md-toolbar-tools">
            <span flex></span>
            <md-button type="submit" class="md-icon-button">
                <md-tooltip>{{"Save"| goT}}</md-tooltip>
                <md-icon class="mdi-check"></md-icon>

    <md-content class="md-padding" flex>
        <md-input-container  class="md-block">
                <label>Example field</label>
                <input name="dummy" required go-autofocus>


Now reload the webclient and check out this page by going to the settings in the top right of the main menu.