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Sometimes you need to pass data objects between controllers without exposing them in the URL. For example when creating a new contact from an e-mail message we go to the edit contact page and we pass along some contact attributes to prefill the form with name an e-mail address.

To do this you can define a parameter in the module.js in the UI router state configuration. For example:

.state('contacts.edit', {
                            url: "/edit/{contactId:[0-9]*}",
                            templateUrl: 'modules/contacts/views/contact-edit.html',
                            controller: 'ContactEditController',
                            params: {
                                attributes: null

Now this parameter can be passed in two ways. You can do it with the $state service:

$state.go("contacts.edit", {contactId: 0, attributes: {name: this.from.personal, emailAddresses: [{email:}]}});

or in the view with the ui-sref directive:

<a ui-sref="contacts.edit({contactId: 0, attributes: {name: from.personal, emailAddresses: [{email:}]})">Create contact</a>

Now you can use those attributes in the controller that's associated with this state:

if($stateParams.attributes) {

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